On how to wake the stone [2015 EP]

from by CULTRO



"On how to wake the stone" is the third and last of the three tracks of the CULTRO EP, released during November 2015.


Hold onto a lie
for truth is a blade
and blood on the soil
marks out the way
pray onto a prey
tomorrow and today
one step behind
and stare far away

one step behind
and gaze far away

the fall is in sight
touch me, am i breathing?
the toll of the blight
touch me, am i breathing?

they're all in a lie
the sevens befogged thy eyes

(burning the men of straw,
burnt in the holy way)

tolling high
the bell of
a shapeless husk

(you live on a heart of straw,
burns fast and then fades away)

mute as the mud
concealed by silence
the last fo the veil
of a god
who forgot himself

intone the lie
stab me and watch me die

bond by the night
relieved by sleeping
once was the light
then darkness became our day


from CULTRO EP 2015, released November 1, 2015
All music is written and performed by CULTRO : Marco Riccardi (guitars, vocals, synth) - Alessandro Nanna (bass, vocals) - Gianluca Ortu (drums & percussions). Recorded, mixed and mastered by Marco Riccardi at Jupiter Giant Studio ( www.facebook.com/jupitergiantstudio )



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CULTRO Rome, Italy

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